About Us

Hi, I’m Chris. one half of the brains behind the Mythologic Escape Rooms.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I am that dashingly handsome guy in the picture above.

With me, and very involved in the card game we were playing then, is my lovely wife Michelle.

I’m a hypnotist by trade and Michelle is a veterinary nurse.

We have 4 gorgeous children – my daughters Sally and Lara and Michelle’s sons Dylan and Logan.

What else? Ah yes, all 6 of us are escape room enthusiasts.

Standing in the back row are Dylan, Michelle and I (left to right).

And in front of us are Logan, Sally and Lara.

Why an escape room?

We played our first escape room in October 2016 – all 6 of us. In fact, the picture above is from that escape room outing.

That room was based on a serial killer theme with mild horror elements. We had an exceptional time escaping the killer’s clutches and it was then and there that we knew what a big deal an escape room can be.

Since then, we’ve been booking rooms at various escape establishments, and we’ve finished over 80 rooms, both in England and abroad.

And it was only natural that we felt that the next step was us designing our own escape rooms so you can have that same rush of adrenalin, that same good time with family and friends that we have every time we escape Mythologic Escape Rooms for an escape room adventure.

Starting out, it was not easy. If you’ve ever had to scout for a place to rent you’ll know what I mean.

We’d been looking for almost a year when perchance a property we liked came on the market again and the landlord agreed to let us open an escape room.

My training as a hypnotist has come in handy in designing the psychological experience. But I’d be lying if I claimed that I did it all by myself. My wife and all 4 of our children have been involved in Mythologic Escape Rooms since the beginning, starting from conceptualization, through design, and right down to being game masters.

Our first 2 rooms are family-oriented, so you can plan a family evening out right here. We looking forward to meeting you.