Find your way out in 60 minutes

Trapped inside a room with your mates, you have exactly one hour to find your way out


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Locked in a room full of puzzles, trap doors and hidden items, can you and your team mates find your way out? You have one hour. Good Luck! Remember, every second counts


Can you finish it in a blaze of glory?



Our objective is simple – to give you an immersive experience to remember.

The puzzles are sure to stimulate those little grey cells while the narratives keep your adrenaline pumping!

And we don’t force strangers to pair up just to fill our rooms. You form your team and enter the room of your own free will.

Maybe the chest was locked to protect YOU from whatever’s inside.

You opened the chest anyway. And a board game started taking over your home.

You have 60 minutes to defeat the game.

A night out drinking when there’s a homicidal masked maniac loose in your area. Good idea!

Awaking from a drunken stupor, you find yourself the latest victim in a sadistic game – find your way out within an hour or BOOM!


Stumble into a creepy cabin in the middle of nowhere after dark. You really didn’t expect you could just turn around and leave, did you?Now you must fight for your life against an evil entity and escape in 60 minutes.

‘Hypnos is immersive

Got a chance to playtest the Hypnos room, and I must say the experience is immersive as hell.’ 

Adam Labrosky

‘Great Experience

I playtested the The Game. Would rate the story 7, puzzles and wow factor 8/10. All in all a great experience.’

L. Cooza

An Escape Room You Can Believe In

It just doesn’t matter.

Yep, you read that right.

Whether you’re just looking for a fun place to begin your night out, or you’re trying to organize a hen do…or a meaningful office event – you can never go wrong with Mythologic Escape Rooms in Gillingham, Kent.

Locked in an escape room with your mates, matching your wits with riddles, seeking out various objects and avoiding trapdoors – you have 60 minutes to find your way out – all at our escape game establishment located right above Hinds, the jewellers.

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Escape a magical board game? Book The Game

Match wits with a serial killer? Hypnos