What’s so special about

Mythologic Escape Rooms

when it comes to team building?

Well, us as opposed to…what?

  • Motivational speeches? A lecture on, say, ‘The 3 C’s of Team’ sounds grand but that’s all it is. It just won’t do anything except get you yawning within minutes.
  • A night of socializing? It’ll bring out the date-y ones, the darts champion and (supposing it isn’t a teetotal event) the drinking enthusiast. Once again, nothing to do with ‘team’.

In Mythologic Escape Rooms,

  1. You have a clear objective – to find the way out in the shortest time possible. That is what’s going to keep everyone focused.
  2. You are immersed in a dramatic situation. That keeps everybody pining for their own ‘A-ha’ moment ensuring they deploy their skills one hundred percent.

Team building for companies

In an office environment, a team needs 3 things

  • Everybody must chip in with their ideas as to how to best proceed.
  • The leader must decide on an overall plan of execution and assign tasks.
  • Everybody must be able to perform their task well and communicate with the others.

And that’s exactly how a team will proceed in our escape room.

Once they’re locked in and the clock starts running, there will be pressure on everybody to perform to the best of their ability.

The narratives and immersion are powerful enough to fire up the team dynamic. If someone slacks off or works at cross purposes, the rest of the team will set them straight.

Team building for schools

The two C’s that almost every parent and every teacher strives to inculcate in school kids – cooperation and competition – are inculcated while on a day out.

Faced with the crunch situation, the students will as a group want to win.

Individual rivalries will be discarded in favour of peer pressure on everybody to cooperate.

The desire to win – which is very strong at the school age – will get the group to follow the advice of the one person who is able to remain calm, and crack a riddle or two themselves.

Finally, if you have more than one group doing the room one after another, there will be a healthy competition among them to see who can escape the quickest.

And I’d be very wrong if I limited this only to corporate bookings and school events.

Group bookings at Mythologic Escape Rooms – whatever be the occasion – will be enjoyed by everyone due to the intricate immersion, gripping storylines and ample scope for people to interact and work together.